You want to reduce plastic waste?

of course you do!

This website is here to make that easy. Browse the products on this website and fill your cart with plastic-free products and products with plastic-free wrapping.

You’ll find products for babies, for pets, for hiking, for parties and picnics, for your morning coffee, for your daily hygiene, your kitchen, your shopping—and more.

It’s a great place to buy someone a gift.

The products are on Amazon, so you can do a one-stop shop. is your one-stop online shopping opportunity for plastic-free products.

Recent Articles

How hard is it to live plastic free?

It has been said that the more developed a country is - the more waste it produces. The message in that is that our life-style, my life-style, needs to change. If I want to see change, first I must change. And so will everyone else! To help my fellow comrades striving for a sustainable world, I decided to knuckle down a simple solution for the everyday individual, like myself, wanting to make a difference, only struggling for strategy. I had become so comfortable with detachment from anything that didn’t revolve around work, home-life, or Skype sessions with the family. To achieve something new, something difficult, uncomfortable and bigger than me, I had to change my thinking. Fundamental changes needed to in my everyday life.

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Demand Plastic-free It Works.

In today's economy - supply and demand is king of retail. In order to sell your goods or services it is necessary for people to want to buy them. It is no secret that when more options arise some options sky rocket with success while the other same product or service, just slightly different for one reason or another, don't do as well as the opposing similar product. Recent research studies are showing that more then half of Amazon consumers are now actively searching, to consume plastic-free goods. Plastic-free may very well increase the success of your product!

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